Script Your School Year w/the End In Mind! Don’t miss this exclusive IT’S YOUR DRAMA back-to-school event. See live performances from recording artist Katie Tuck, Learn the Masquerade Waltz and the GallerAy Getdown DANCE STEPS(hand-props provided!), and Hear author S. CHRISTINA WALKER light up the stage with the Script It Right Presentation!  This is the ultimate GIRLS-ONLY back-to-school event you’ll never forget—blinged out DIVA style. Snack & Drink provided. Register NOW and receive a FREE Sparkle Hand-Fan prop at the door! Pre-registration suggested for groups of 10 or more.
Door Prizes and Giveaways for EVERY DIVA at The Palooza!

WHO:   College & High School Girls

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So Christina, WHY the EVENT?
So many choices are made at the beginning of a school year—at that first campus frat party, those Friday night football games, the3:30 hangout while waiting for mom to get home…

so many scenes play out that set the stage for habits, hangouts, relationships, and heartbreak. THE DIVA PALOOZA is an amazingly fun event that provides the girls with realistic tips on how to deal with real-life drama. I call these DROP-the-DRAMA TIPS. The goal is to help attendees script their school year with the end in mind. I use Dancesteps, Poetry, a Photo-shoot, live Performances, original music and so much more to present an interactive program that helps girls learn how to avoid getting caught up in the moment and to think proactively about how that moment could positively or negatively impact their year, their life—their Drama. The pen is in their hand and they write the script of their life with every choice they make. At the DIVA PALOOZA, they will learn how to SCRIPT IT RIGHT!!!

Can I bring my girls-group to this event?
Absolutely! In-fact, it might prove to be the most enjoyable girls-event your group has ever taken part in!

Youth Groups, Book Clubs, FCA girls, Sports Teams, Theater groups, Dance studios, Music groups…whatever group, The DIVA PALOOZA will be a blast AND will set the stage for your group to hit the school year confidently Dropping the DRAMA…and what girls-group does NOT have Drama? Exactly.?  Go ahead and pick up your tickets—you won’t be disappointed! In fact, carry the impact through the year by having each girl read It’s Your Drama . The tools are here to help them DROP-the-DRAMA and increase their performance.

Do girls just sit and watch the program?
Absolutely not!! ?Though our programs can be thoroughly enjoyed while sitting, these fun-filled events involve student participation/interaction.

We maintain an environment that accommodates those with limited mobility or other disabilities while engaging all in an exciting event guided by proven teaching techniques. Different people learn and retain information in different ways.  We want girls to leave these events with tools, tactics, and TIPS that they can remember and are easily implemented.  One way we accomplish this is by incorporating each of the sensory learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (touch and movement). At The DIVA PALOOZA we use each of these learning styles, in creative and FUN ways, to communicate life-changing truths about how to deal with that D-R-A-M-A. And we all have Drama to deal with! (Check out the other FAQs to learn more about some of the activities we do.)

Is this a Religious program?
I am a Christian! Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. The life that I live, the choices I make, and the program I produce are a reflection of my convictions. So, are there Christian elements in the program?

Sure, the underlying concepts and principles are Bible based and evident, however my presentation contains allegory and symbolism to appeal to a variety of audiences. So, even those who are totally turned off by God and want nothing to do with the church will be inspired, learn valuable life lessons, and certainly have a blast at the DIVA PALOOZA and other IYD programs!  All are welcome, so come on out!  For more on my background, check out the Author Page .

Who doesn’t like to dance? I LOVE to! Not saying I’m amazing at it-lol, but I do enjoy it.  Putting lyrics to music and combining it with a dancestep produces a fun and impactful way to instill DROP-the-DRAMA TIPS into girls’ hearts.

The dancesteps, combined with the hand props, use the 3 major sensory areas of learning and they are always a FAVORITE!  For example, I wrote and choreographed the Masquerade Waltz dancestep with lyrics that ask the girls a major question: “Masking it, are you?” which means, “Have I accepted a lie about myself—am I wearing a mask?” f.y.i. Living a lie creates a lot of Drama.  The girls do this dance step with a Masquerade Mask Hand-prop—that is outlandishly designed with sparkles and feathers! Perfect.

Why the props for the dancesteps?
Props are just fun!!!  And, I have found that when I put a “prop” into the hand of a girl who would normally run from dancing, she decides to give it a try and her face is soon lit up with a smile, so is her confidence. Kind of like, “The prop is dancing, not me!”  On the flip-side, girls who LOVE to dance, go crazy over adding a prop to normal routines.  It’s fun, it’s confidence boosting, and it facilitates sensory learning.

Why the DIVA Photo-shoot?
Look at Facebook or Twitter and tell me what girl does not like to have her pic taken!  Every DIVA loves the spotlight and at the DIVA PALOOZA, I wanted to provide a fun and safe way to enjoy the “modeling” experience.

(This also sets the stage for a great DROP-the-DRAMA TIP about what kinds of pics to take and post and what is better left un-photographed.)  This “photo-shoot” is a blast!  Professional background is set, complete with dress-up props!  Feather boas, Masquerade Masks and the Sparkling Hand-Fans are quick ways to dress-up and pose.  Girls can have solo shots or join in on group shots.  These pics will be uploaded to a live-stream so later that evening the girls can view, copy, tag,and share the spotlight moment with friends and family.  This activity is included in the admission price and will take place during the rotating “Scene Changes.”

What is the price of a ticket?
Early-bird registration is $5-so grab a ticket today! I can guarantee that anyone who comes will not believe they only paid $5 for this 3-hour evening filled with entertainment, a take home Sparkling hand fan, and Drama-management tips that help them DROP-the-DRAMA that fills their lives.

In fact, for the price of a McDonald’s value meal, true life-change is happening.  For the price of a Starbucks Frappuccino, real-life Drama is being dealt with. For the price of a matinee movie ticket, girls will learn how to deal with a broken heart and how to avoid them. For about the price of a gallon of gas, girls will be entertained and likely never forget this evening. Completely under-priced for Knoxville’s first DIVA PALOOZA, I say it’s well-worth the 20 quarters! And, if you are someone who is looking to sponsor an event that will cause a positive shift in this generation, It’s Your Drama is a non-profit organization and we truly value your support. Contact IYD for sponsorship opportunities.


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