The DIVA Palooza
~3 hour signature event of IYD
“An exclusive back-to-school event where High School and College girls have a blast learning how to script their school year with the end in mind.”

You will feel ready to go back-to-school as It’s Your Drama—The Book comes alive! Christina and IYD Cast members show you how to dance the IYD Masquerade Waltz , getdown to the GallerAy Getdown Dance Step, pose it for the IYD DIVA Photo Shoot, Script-It at the Drama-Design Time , chill at the DIVA Cafe during Intermission, and sharpen your playwright skills as you watch the Script It Right onstage mini-production that features newly released music, live poetry, spoken word and special guest appearances by the leading character “Asha” (Rachel Coppala) and country music starlet, Katie Tuck (who plays the character “LaShea” in the book.) Each interactive part of the evening is designed to give girls real-life tools to help them script their school year with the end in mind. Katie Tuck will sing “Redesigned,” the featured hit single of the book, and melt your heart. IYD is positive that the weekend party scene can not rival The DIVA Palooza— why don’t you find out for yourself ?!

DIVA PALOOZA participants leave the partAy with the signature IYD hand prop and a heart full of sparkle. Books, T-shirts, and IYD products are on-site for purchase, and of course Christina, “Asha,” and “LaShea” will have their feather plume pens handy for book signings!

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THE DIVA PALOOZA Booking Details:
The DIVA PALOOZA is a large interactive event that requires an RSVP of at least 100 participants, funding, local advertising, ample space, stage, sound system, media screens, and often a small kitchen. Also, decor, staging, supplies, and a committed group of host volunteers are a must to pull this event off. Sounds like a lot of work, huh? It is, but it’s a lot of fun and it’s also a favorite to girls of all ages! If you are interested in IYD coming to your area for THE DIVA PALOOZA, contact IYD and we will gladly consider your location and request. Upon booking THE DIVA PALOOZA and paying your deposit, IYD will be in close dialogue with you concerning all the planning details. Please note, as of now, only 3-4 of these events are held each year…why not make your venue one of them?! Contact IYD or fill out a speaker request form for booking information.)

Script It Right Nites™
“It’s Your Drama. It’s Your Life. Better Be Sure You Script It Right.”

Christina inspires her audiences to Script It Right as she speaks on scenes from It’s Your Drama-The Book during this dynamic presentation about Drama, Dating and Destiny…because we all know that dating produces quite the drama on the way to your destiny! Right?

Christina loves to cast the audience in her Drama, so be prepared to wear some feather boas, snap some beats, watch Christina perform spoken word, poetry, and songs and…you might want to bring those dancing shoes—because the IYD’s signature GallerAy Getdown is taught, complete with the hand-fan prop. (And sometimes…a mini-café shows up during Intermission—you just never know what props Christina might bring!)

The IYD Team will have It’s Your Drama-The Book and IYD T-shirts available for purchase, and of course Christina will have her sparkle pen in hand to do book signings. It’s all in the script of a Script It Right Nite , so script one at your event soon! Be sure to bring your camera and snap some pics—it will be an unforgettable nite!

(This is a perfect solo event or can be a featured part of a larger youth event. Contact IYD or fill out a speaker request form for booking information.)

“Skype” It Right Nite™
~ Not local? Can’t bring Christina in? How about you Skype her in?!

More info to come!

IYD Diva Cafe Hour™
Ever wish you could hang out with Christina at a café? Here’s your chance!

The Diva-Café Hour is an exclusive opportunity to join Christina for one hour at a local Starbucks! How cool is that?! You will have a personal time in the spotlight as Christina treats you, and 3-5 other IYD Divas, to a cafe drink and conversation filled with whimsical table props, a Diva-Café Hour Script-It Kit, and real-life talk about real-life drama. (Not that you have any-just saying.)

You’ll kick back with 3-5 other IYD Divas while Christina breaks down the IYD Model of dealing with your real-life drama. Christina will highlight portions of the book and you’ll have a chance to get inside the mind of the author! Who knows, Asha or another IYD Cast member might just pop in! And, I hope you like to write with a feather-plume pen…because you know Christina LOVES hand-props! So join her, and script the Drama café style!

You must register for this event.

Book Signings

Want a free IYD T-shirt? Check this out!

Meet Christina at a local venue for an IYD book signing! Bring your book, or buy one on-site, and she’ll autograph it with a personal special message just for you! Bring 5 friends with you and you will get a free IYD T-shirt! (That’s almost a $20 value, so start texting your friends!) Don’t forget to bring your cam and snap some pics—you know Christina and her Drama, there’s sure to be some feather boa props!

Check out the IYD calendar for Book Signings near you.

Want Christina to do a book signing in your area? Contact IYD!

IYD Special Events
Where’s the Drama?!

Keep your eyes open for the IYD booth at special events in your area! Be sure to stop by for info and give-aways. Check the IYD Calendar for showcase spots near you! If you think your venue would be a great place for an IYD Showcase Spot, contact us , we’d love to hear your suggestion!

DROP-the-DRAMA™ Webcasts
It’s Time to drop this week’s Drama!

Christina gives her IYD DIVA audience practical advice on how to deal with the Drama of their week during her DROP-the-DRAMA Webcasts. (And we all know that one week is definitely enough to produce some Drama!) It’s a fav activity of Christina’s! She highlights parts of the book and goes in-depth on how it applies to everyday Drama.

The webcast is a great activity for some BFFs to watch together or when you are hanging solo! So grab your smartphone or laptop and let’s DROP-the-DRAMA!

* NOTE: DROP-the-DRAMA Webcasts will launch with the launch of the IYD Diva site.

LIVE 1-ON-1 G3t™ With Christina

One IYD Diva will win a Live 1-ON-1 “G3t” with Christina!!! More details to come! Contest will not begin until the release of It’s Your Drama-Book 2. What’s a G3t? Hmmm, better get the book .


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