The official FAN CLUB of It’s Your Drama is the IYD DIVAS and Coming Soon is the new IYD DIVA fan club site!!! Christina has designed the DIVA site with her fans in mind—because let’s face it, you cannot escape the drama, but you can learn to daily script it right and Christina wants to help! Some of her fav features are: ASHA’S DRESSING ROOM, the DIVA GALLERY, DROP-the-DRAMA Webcasts, WRITE CHRISTINA and the…IYD DIVA Theme Song (which, btw, has its own dance step!) Be sure to follow her on  FACEBOOK  or  TWITTER   so you hear the latest about the Exclusive IYD DIVA Site launch!


Have a personal time in the spotlight with Christina during the DIVA Cafe Coaching Hour! Christina uses poetry, media & illustrations to help you navigate through “Drama,” Dating and Destiny during this fun and impactful 1-hour coaching session that is held at a local Starbucks. How cool is that?!

During the Summer of 2012, IYD has received a grant that funds 3-5 girls to meet with Christina for a 1-hour coaching session. Only 8 are funded by the grant and there are lots of FREE giveaways for attendees, including the Plume Pen Prop, Starbucks Drink, IYD T-shirt and more! You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity! It’s an IYD exclusive SUMMER 2012 Event and you are invited, but registration is filling up fast!

How do you attend? Register below and IYD will contact you. Make it even more fun by registering you and some friends as a group! (List who’s in your DIVA group in the “Why you would like to be selected” entry section.) What a great way to spend a summer afternoon…free drink, poetry, Christina’s coaching, air conditioning… :) So REGISTER NOW!

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