Check out some of the behind-the-scenes drama that took place throughout the process of writing and producing  IT’S YOUR DRAMA – THE BOOK!

Love-struck. Heart-broken. Soul-searching.

The lead character of It’s Your Drama, Asha lights up a room when she enters and is welcome in about any social circle. She’s the girl all the younger girls in school look up to and who the older girls are usually jealous of. Asha sets the fashion trends, is loyal to her friends, and any guy would love to date her. She’s not known as a partier, but makes an appearance at times. A great artist and an avid Jazz listener, she loves to hang out at local cafes and talk school gossip.

Asha’s been in a hot summer romance with the captain of the basketball team, Eli. He broke up with her the first week of school and she’s crushed and confused. On top of that, Asha is a daddy’s girl and her home life has been turned up-side-down since her parents separated at the beginning of summer. Asha is soul-searching and struggling to survive the drama she’s trapped in. Desperate to find answers to questions that every teen girl is asking, she’s turned to It’s Your Drama—hoping for help.

17 years old ~ Senior at Starbridge High ~ Starting forward on Varsity basketball team

(played by: Rachel Coppola)

Smooth. Heart-breaker. Crowd-playa.

Known by the girls as the heartthrob of Starbridge High, Eli is the captain of the Varsity basketball team and not lacking in skills on or off the court. He’s the lifeguard at Asha’s clubhouse pool and gladly accepted the challenge of stealing her heart. Jet black hair, smokey green eyes and a smooth talker, he and Asha became quite the item over summer. Eli’s dad is involved in politics, which explains how Eli has learned the art of playing it cool, playing a crowd, and playing the game in a way that he won’t get caught.

18 years old ~ Senior at Starbridge High ~ Captain of Varsity basketball team

(played by: To Be Announced…)

Sassy. Savvy. Social-butterfly.

Ultra-tech savvy, Yoshiko can’t exist without her phone. Her dad’s American, her mom’s Japanese, and she is dreadfully cute. Yosh is known everywhere she goes for crazy, funky fashion and has no problem pulling it off! She analyzes her life by diving into the world of animae-thus the inspiration for her costumes. Her idea of a perfect vacation is to visit Japan during the Comiket event and join in on the cosplay. Yosh always livens up a party and doesn’t seem to mind dating a guy and dropping him. She has some standards she sticks to, but happily pushes other boundaries to the limit.

17 years old ~ Senior at Starbridge High

(played by: Chi)

Solid. Driven. Visionary.

The emotional rock of the group, Malika is a confident African-American who is solid in her beliefs, solid in her walk, and gives great advice. Raina’s twin sister and stark opposite, she’s confident, but not cocky, and isn’t swayed when the other girls on the team try to pull her into the party scene. Asha thinks Malika would be a perfect columnist for Ebony magazine one day. Malika is outspoken on things that matter to her and often writes about social issues for class. She recites spoken word poetry at open-mic nights and does it with passion. Malika’s an IYD DIVA and loves leading her DIVA Cast Group.

17 years old ~ Senior at Starbridge High ~ Starting point guard on Varsity basketball team

(played by: Janea)

Edgey. Resentful. Desperate.

A party girl at heart, Raina chases any high she can find and could care less about school. Malika’s twin sister and stark opposite, Raina lives for the weekends and can entertain a crowd with a well-timed story. She and Yosh hang out a lot, probably too much-trouble usually follows them. Raina and Asha had a major run-in their Junior year. Dying on the inside, Raina has begun to drown herself in dark novels and gothic ideals…but she wears a mask very well.

16 years old ~ Junior at Starbridge High ~ Starting shooting guard

(played by: Shanea)

Reflective. Dramatic. Dreamer.

Her heartbeat is music and drama is her life. Lyric is Asha’s cousin who lives on the north side of town. They go to different schools but hang out when they can. She’s bubbly but real, loves acting, and is always involved in a stage producion of some sort. Lyric lives for weekend road trips to Nashville to drink in the local music and theater. She is one of the few friends that Asha will open up to about personal family life. Lyric is an IYD DIVA and thrives on applying her theatrical discoveries to everyday situations.

17 years old ~ Asha’s cousin

(played by: Kelsey)

A feisty girl you don’t want to mess with, Alexis is always ready for a fight or a good time-whichever comes first. She has curly wild hair, that fits her personality perfectly, and a smile that makes you love her. Her mom’s white, her dad’s black, and she’s one amazing guard on the court. The most athletic of the girls, she’s a state champion in the 100m hurdles and placed 2nd in the long jump. Alexis usually dominates the conversation, loves hip-hop music, and won’t let anyone talk smack about her friends.

16 years old ~ Junior at Starbridge High ~ Starting Guard

(played by: Kori)

An avid writer of love-sick poetry, Jasleen is a beautiful Latin-American girl who can be counted on to sit, tissues in hand, and listen to any of her teammate’s dating drama. Quiet by nature, but intellecutally deep, Jasleen loves fantasy and fashion. She is studying makeup artistry and is often asked by friend to show up at parties and turn faces into fairy-butterfly desgins. She’s a hopeless romantic and priceless to the team.

(played by: Alina)

16 ~ Junior at Starbridge High ~ Starting shooting guard on Varsity basketball team

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Small town. Big love. Devastated heart.

A small-town country girl, LaShea is devastated by her first love who, after giving herself to him, walked out and left her broken and breathless. She is haunted by a scene she can’t shake and briefly shows up on stage to sing a deep, vulnerable cry that spills from a desperate soul. Performed by country starlet Katie Tuck, “Redesigned” is the first single of the It’s Your Drama Book Series and poignantly pens the anguish of a redesigned masterpiece of art. LaShea, like Redesigned, is a raw reflection of the reality of a heartbreak.

(played by: Katie Tuck)

Successful Career woman. Broken Marriage. Searching.

A successful business woman, Asha’s mom knows how to climb the corporate ladder and still keep up with most of her daughter’s games. Separated from Asha’s dad for four months now, she’s trying desperately hard to hold things together for Asha and her career…but she’s seriously questioning the reality of a marriage that can last. Needing answers herself, she and Asha are on a similar journey of self-discovery. She finds joy in making delicious coffee drinks for the family’s Romano Cafe Nites and loves a weekend movie at home with Asha-which has become rare lately.

(played by: Jill Shoffner-Brown)

Frequents Cafes. Talks Drama. Hangs out with IYD DIVAS.

The author and creator of It’s Your Drama and the G3t, Christina is known as a “drama” expert, specializing in the Drama that surrounds Dating and Destiny. She delights in showing up on a girl’s stage, sifting through the scenes, and helping her sort through the drama in her life. Christina adores cafes, music, dance and IYD tpartAys ! Christina can own a crowd in a heartbeat, but loves just as much to hang out in the smalll group setting of a DIVA Cafe Hour. She’s passionate about helping girls discover WHO they are, WHY they are, and WHOSE they are. Christina’s fav past time? Hanging out with the IYD DIVAS.

Christina’s favorite quote: “It’s Your Drama. It’s Your Life. Better Be Sure You Script It Right.”

(played by: S. Christina Walker)


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