IT’S YOUR DRAMA is a non-profit organization with a mission to equip and train teen & young adults to make positive life choices that build resiliency and position them for healthy relationships and careers, a restored perspective of their self-worth, and a future free of emotional and behavioral regrets.

This is accomplished through:



The book IT’S YOUR DRAMA is a creative presentation of real-life dating drama that incorporates a book full of colorful pages, artwork and stimulating photography along with digital book supplements and studio recorded tracks of spoken word, poems and songs.  Told in a real-life story format, this multimedia book delivers real-world applications that equip teen & young adult women to deal with the drama, navigate dating relationships and understand their destiny.

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The Script It Right Nite  is a 1½ hour dynamic presentation about teen-life drama—with the objective of targeting the issues of dating, sex, relationships, emotional stability, self-identity and lifestyle choices.

The DIVA Cafe’ Coaching Hour is an informal, small group coaching format that utilizes the DIVA Script-It Model (D.I.V.A. = Divinely Inspired Vision of Art) to build positive Self-Identity, Self Purpose and a genuine Sense of Belonging.

The DIVA Palooza is the annual 3 hour grand finale event that celebrates and reinforces key concepts of the DIVA Script-It Model through entertaining teaching, self-esteem building, cast highlights, door prizes and a trip to the Diva Cafe’.   Participants leave this fun and exciting back-to-school event equipped and ready to manage daily life challenges as a Divinely Inspired Vision of Art—scripting their year with the end in mind.




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